1. Why can’t I have a Spring Only window cleaning?
    1. The months of late April, May & June are reserved for buildings that are signing up for twice a year service.  In order to give proper separation between cleanings, these contracts have to be given priority in these months.
    2. January, February, March and early April are options for those buildings requesting a “spring only” service.
  2. Please explain the difference between exterior insides and interior insides.
    1. Most of our bids are for exterior windows done outside only or inside and out.  An exterior inside cleaning would be for all glass you would look out of and see the outside.  Interior glass would be glass you look through and see (for example) another office, hallway or cubical area.  So if your bid says “straight wash all exterior glass inside only”, this would mean insides off all glass that looks outdoors.  No interior glass is included with this type of bid.
  3. Why do your bids state “straight wash” instead of just wash or clean only?
    1. This is a very good question and understanding the difference is important.  Our industry, when bidding on window cleaning typically bids this work out as a straight wash bid verses post construction clean or acid wash.  Our procedure for “straight washing” glass is to scrub the window down with an applicator using soap and water.  Then using a squeegee to take off the water and dirt.  We don’t scrape or use any harsh chemicals to do a straight wash cleaning.  It is virtually impossible to look at every single plate of glass to determine how much time it will take to clean each window.  If we did, the time involved with bidding and cleaning the glass could easily be 10 times the price of a straight wash bid.
  4. Do you give price breaks for off season window cleaning and can this be done in the winter months?
    1. The short answer is Yes.  We clean windows from January through December.  It’s true, we do slow down in the cold months but there are very few days the weather won’t allow us to clean outside windows in the winter months.
      1. Because inside windows don’t get as dirty as the outside windows, cleaning them in the off peak season can save you money and when we return to do just the outsides, they will look just as clean as doing them inside and out at the same time.
  5. Why are prices rising so fast?
    1. There was a time not long ago, we could hire new employees at $9 to $10 per hour and build a crew letting the very best of them excel and make triple that number within a year or two.  We live in a very different world now.  In order to get someone in the door to interview, I need to offer $12 – $15 an hour and this represents a 50% increase in just a few short years.  Payroll is by far my largest expense so this alone goes a long way in describing our need to raise prices.  Add to this the cost of insurance and equipment costs and it’s easy to see where I am coming from.
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