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What do we do and what is High Rise Window Cleaning:
City Heights cleans glass for Commercial / Industrial / High Rise Buildings.
Everyone meets at our office
Teams are paired out and jobs are assigned & Vehicles provided.
Your day ends between 2 & 4pm

What are the benefits of working for City Heights:
You get some of the best views in the Twin Cities.
After the probationary period, your pay will increase due to production bonuses.
We offer health benefits, 401K retirement plans with a company match and company phones.
We have been doing this in the Twin Cities since the early 1990’s

Is this an entry level position or do I need experience?
This is a great opportunity for someone to break into the work force. No experience is necessary as we train everyone who is hired.
This is also a great carrier for some people. We have employees cleaning windows that have been with us for 20+ years.

How much and how do you pay?
Everyone is paid a base wage and then monthly bonuses. You are given a base wage to start. Right now that base wage is $18.00 per hour but you will be expected to make between $20 & $25.00 per hour within a month or two of starting.

How do I apply?
Start by filling out the form below. We will review the application and get back with you by email or phone call.
Call us at (763) 421-3396

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